a dedicated contract management company

Wastewise is a subsidiary of Patel Tonra Ltd and specialises in managing waste contracts in the public and private sectors. Wastewise employs professional contract managers to actively manage specific contracts on behalf of clients.

Wastewise's main services to clients are in managing their waste performance and reducing costs associated with this overhead. Wastewise currently have nearly 300 clients, many of whom are achieving over 80% recycling (or diversion from landfill) of their wastes.

Essential services performed by Wastewise usually include the following:

  • Managing Waste Management services contracts - to communicate fully and effectively with the contractor and the client;
  • Overseeing the compliant implementation and performance of the Services by the Contractor as required under any Waste Management Services Contract;
  • Managing all duties and responsibilities under the Waste Management Services Contract for and on behalf of the Client;
  • Ensuring the performance of the Services by the Contractor under the Waste Management Services Contract meets the required standard;
  • Reviewing and reporting waste management progress and data for the client in relation to Waste Management services.

The types of reviews and reports that can be prepared by Wastewise for the client arising from a contractual agreement may contain the following:

  • Implementation plans for provision of services
  • Waste management and recycling reports
  • Waste service provision reports
  • Health and safety plans and reports
  • Price scheduling
  • Waste data reporting and target performance
  • Waste contingency planning & advice
  • Managing and coordinating complaints and procedures
  • Visiting individual premises or facilities on a regular basis
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance by all parties
  • Auditing and reporting contract performance
  • Staff Training and other advice

For any queries relating to Wastewise Ltd. please contact Mike Sheehan or Dr Conor Tonra

Tel: +353(0)1 8020520