Environmental Monitoring
Patel Tonra Ltd. Experience

Environmental monitoring has been a core area of business activity for Patel Tonra Ltd. since the company was formed in 2001. There is a growing need to measure and monitor the environment and our team has the necessary skills and equipment to support any environmental monitoring programme.

Procedures and Quality Assurance

We hold a full range of monitoring equipment, which is appropriately calibrated and maintained, as appropriate: noise meter, gas meter, pH/dissolved oxygen/conductivity meter, dip meter, pumps, balers, footvalves, dust gauges, etc.
We understand the importance of working within recognised guidelines and specifications, e.g. EPA requirements and guidance. Our staff is fully trained and experienced with regard to health & safety management procedures. We use only reputable and independently accredited laboratories. Interpretative reports are prepared by qualified personnel; all reports are reviewed and Quality Assured at director level prior to issue. 

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