Environmental Due Diligence
Patel Tonra Ltd. Experience

Patel Tonra Ltd. (PTL) regularly undertakes environmental pre-acquisition assessments of fuel forecourts on behalf of both vendors and procurers.
Since 2010, we have undertaken nearly three hundred such studies (in Ireland and internationally) for our clients, who include: petroleum-supply retail companies, investors, the receiver, insurance companies and loss adjusters.

Environmental Liabilities

Petroleum forecourts, by their nature, are prone to environmental damage as a result of their primary function – the storage and dispensing of fuel products. As well as accidental spillages, storage-tanks and supply systems, with age, can develop leaks, resulting in damage to soils and groundwater, as well and potential risks to health and well-being for site-workers and neighbouring residents.
Legal liabilities in relation to contamination issues are frequently decision-making concerns in relation to the acquisition (and financing) of such commercial properties, and best-practice environmental assessments can be the best way of determining the risks involved (for procurers, vendors or financiers).

Cost-Effective Solutions

PTL offers a cost-effective service in undertaking site-investigations to examine the degree of environmental contamination on forecourt sites and the local environment. We can provide the equipment and insurances to sample up to 50m in depth. We have access also to accredited laboratory analyses, with emergency or urgent reporting optional.
We have experienced environmental scientists in our team to expertly assess the requirements for a wide range of contamination or technical issues on any site.
We can provide ongoing monitoring and assessment of sites, where necessary.

Quality Advice

PTL uses the most up-to-date Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) software to assess the risks to human health and environment from site-specific analytical data. The software allows us to calculate the relative risks in relation to sites at various levels of complexity (as appropriate), i.e. Tier-1 (Generic Assessments), Tier-2 (Site-Specific Assessments) and Tier-3 (Remediation Assessments).
The interpretation of these assessments allows us to appropriately advise our clients in relation to the degree and type of environmental or human health risks associated with the sites investigated.

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