Environmental Management Systems
Patel Tonra Ltd.

Patel Tonra Ltd. (PTL) has frequently assisted clients in attaining an EMS standard from inception and baseline review stage right through to the certification audit.

Benefits of EMS

It is recognised that the implementation of an EMS (Environmental Management System) within an organisation can result in a number of benefits, including:

  • Marketing: potential differentiator for sales and marketing; increased client confidence

  • Emissions Management: improved control of contractors, materials, waste and energy management; emissions control

  • Financial savings: potential resource efficiencies and costs savings

  • Presentational: improved public image and credibility with public, government institutions/bodies and clients

  • Compliance: relevant legislation, government guidance, industry standards & client requirements

  • Reduced Liability: insurance, reduced liability, environmental liability, and investment finance benefits

  • General Improvements: greater environmental awareness, understanding of EMS, operational records and communications
EMS Clients

PTL has developed ISO14001-certified, GEE (Golf Environment Europe) and bespoke Environmental Management Systems with companies in the construction, manufacturing, engineering, waste, retail, local authority and recreational sectors.

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